Honey x Rusty


Litter Born: June 25, 2018
Ready for their New Homes - 2 Males Available 

Full Registration: Ask Us or Limited Registration: Ask Us




Males Females
1st Pick - Orange Reserved 1st Pick - Pink
2nd Pick - Brown  
3rd Pick - Available  
4th Pick - Available  


Sadie x Rusty 

2019 or 2020 litter yet to be determined 

Full Registration: $1,250 or Limited Registration: $1,000



Males Females
1st Pick - Reserved 1st Pick - Reserved 
  2nd Pick - Reserved


Our puppy’s lives before you get them:

WEEK 1: Mom gets to relax and enjoy being a mom, cleaning and sleeping with the pups. Dewclaws are removed.

WEEK 2: Mom continues to enjoy the new pups and the eyes start to open

WEEK 3: Mom still watching over the pups night and day.  Week 3 is when we put on the color collars so you can start watching pups grow and recognizing them by color.  Pups are still nursing all that mom can handle.  Pups are exposed to a few toys.

WEEK 4: Mom is starting spend a little time away from the pups as they are starting to get their new puppy teeth.  We give more toys for the pups and many unique sounds along with our children loving on them.

WEEK 5: Mom is in day and night feeing routine and the pups are on softened food.  Pups get a variety of toys, wings, sheds, ropes and lots of children hugs. Puppies are also microchipped.

WEEK 6: Mom is down to 1 a day feedings, then every other day until fully weaned.  Pups get their look over from our family Veterinarian.  They get their first round of vaccinations, dewormed, double check the microchip,  check ears, heart, lungs, temperature, capture weights.

WEEK 7: Pups are ready for their new homes!

WEEK 8: If pups are being shipped (by air) they get to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old.


Shipping By Air:

Costs include: Puppy Crate, Health Certificate, New Collar with engraved ID Tag and Plane Ticket.  Cost is $450 usually but prices may change dependent on locations.

All Pups being shipped must be paid in full by 6 weeks of age so flight arrangements can be made 2 weeks prior to travel.  We have to make the flight arrangements and health certificate appointment.


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